We make things happen !


             EMSICOM srl is one of the most important company from the South-East of Romania in the engineering of telecommunication networks.The main customer for 90% of the completed and still in progress work is ROMTELECOM SA, the main telecommunication service provider from Romania.

            The work portfolio consists mainly of:

                        -telecommunications networks: civil engineering work (duct system, mainholes and aerial lines-poles) and also cable installation (with copper wires and optical fibre).

                        -installation of transmission equipment (xDSL, ADSL)

                        -planning and designing telecommunication networks.

             Our employees are well qualified and motivated and the work done has high quality and technological standards, which led to numerous appreciations from our beneficiaries.

             We have the necessary technical equipment to achieve the quality parameters and also to complete our work just in time.

             We bring quality,short  execution time, competitive price, experience and very good collaboration with our customers, we offer viable solutions and suitable materials and, not least, a performing management.


e-mail: office@emsicom.ro